Will these 9 Marijuana Stocks Explode in March 2014?

popular marijuana stocksAfter the initial marijuana legalization in select American states, this new industry is set to boom. With billions of dollars in estimated revenue, many investors are betting that the marijuana sector will be the next big thing. For example, take a look at these 9 marijuana stocks (CANV, NVLX, HEMP, AVTC, FSPM, CBIS, MDBX, TRTC, PHOT). The prices in the image are taken from late February 2014. You will notice that overall, these stocks have gone up considerably… but will this continue? Based on the global trend line, it’s possible that they could double or even triple in the coming months. It may be strange to say, but in 2014 you don’t need to be a drug dealer to make money off of pot, hehee ;)

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